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Make money on the traffic of your site - install an advertising video player.
Website visitors watch ads, and you get paid.
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Briefly about the main thing

Why working with us is profitable and comfortable
Видеореклама - плеер без звука
Appearance without sound
No annoying ads. All videos
By default, play without sound.
Оплата за показы - с 1й секунды
Payment from 1st second
Viewing is counted immediately after loading the player and the start of the video.
Выкуп трафика (fillrate) 90%
Redemption of traffic up to 90%
The average fillrate in the system is 70-90% for Russian and mixed traffic.
Заглушка для вашей рекламы
A stub for your ad
Install third-party advertising in the stub and
Do not lose to arrive if the show is not redeemed.
Статистика в реальном времени
Real-time statistics
Follow the views and earnings in real time in your account.
Плеер с автоматически схлопывается
Hiding the player without ads
If viewing does not redeem, an empty player
Will not be displayed on the website.
Autoplay - монетизация сайта видеорекламой

Autoplay 2.0

Most effective video format
to monetize entertainment sites.
Настраиваем рекламные кампании индивидуально для каждого сайта. Возможно подключение заглушки и другие опции. Подробности уточняйте у поддержки.

Watch an example
1. Install the ad code on all pages.
2. Create the ads.txt file in the root of the site
2. Place the player as high as possible.
3. Do not reduce the minimum player size.
How to earn more?
Пример монетизации сайта рекламой
Пример плеера Autoplay

How to withdraw money

Withdraw earned money
convenient way
Вывод денег на Webmoney
R-wallet withdrawal
Once a week
Вывод денег на карту
Bank cards
Withdrawal to bank cards
1 time per month
Оплата по расчетному счёту
Payment on invoice
By agreement for legal entities
1 time per month

How to get started

Create an account
Register on the site with a username, email and password.
Add website
Add your site and wait for the moderation to finish.
Install the code on the site
After moderation, install the ad code on the site.
Earn income
After installing the code, you will start earning on ad impressions.
Our partners
Large advertisers with licensed content from famous brands
Are sanctions possible by search engines if I post video ads on my site?
Not. Sanctions are imposed for advertising casinos, financial pyramids and other prohibited topics. We only show "white" ads, which you can see on Yandex players, Youtube and other popular services, as well as on TV.
Users will be annoyed by the automatic sound in the player.
All ads load with the sound turned off by default.
Don't have a redirect for mobile traffic?
No and never will be. We do not redeem mobile traffic at all.
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